Foum Jamaa – Morocco

This is a guest post from Jake Tonkel, a Peace Corps volunteer serving in Foum Jamaa, Morocco.

Let’s start with a big thank you to Kids on Computers, especially Avni, Fareeda, Randy and Chase, from me, my directors, and all my kids. What you guys do is so cool and gives these kids so many more opportunities for learning.

Jake teaching Scratch -

Jake teaching Scratch –

A quick recap of the trip from my perspective.


Side Walk Grills in Marrakech – Djemaa el FNA

Side Walk Grills in Marrakech – Djemaa el FNA

The carnevalesque market right at the center of the medina is Marrakech’s heartbeat. This used to be once a meeting place for regional farmers and tradesmen; today it is surrounded by bazaars, mosques, and terraced cafes.


Moroccan Cusine and Hospitality

Morrocon Tagine Experience at Dar Chebab in Ouled M’Barek Women’s center and Ouaouizeght Boarding School host families.

What is a Tagine?

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A tagine is a unique type of ceramic or clay cookware that’s popular in North Africa. The bottom is a wide, circular shallow dish used for both cooking and serving, while the top of the tagine is distinctively shaped into a rounded dome or cone.


My Experience in Morocco

This is a guest post from Chase Johnson.

Ouaouizeght, Morocco

This fall, I had the opportunity to go to Morocco with my uncle and help set up two computer labs along with changing the software of one other existing lab. I, being the youngest volunteer in the group at only 15 yrs old, did not get to help quite as much with creating or installing the software but still felt like I was a good factor of the project because I was able to connect with some of the kids closer to my age. We ended up staying nine days in Morocco, we had four days of setting up computer labs, we had three days for tourism, and we had one day of preparation. When we put in the software, some of the kids knew exactly what to do with no questions asked, while others didn’t even know how to use the mouse. Being able to give the kids the extra help that they needed was incredible and life changing for me and for them.


Kids on Computers Lab Set up in Ouled Moussa

This is a guest post from Jake Stern, current Peace Corps volunteer serving in Ouled Moussa, Beni Mellal, Morocco where we set up one lab during our Morocco October 2014 trip. His post describes our time at Ouled Moussa including our final day at the lab where we setup networking and taught a class. His original post is here

These past couple of days have been the most busy days of my Peace Corps service thus far. Beginning last Sunday, I have consistently gotten up at 8am and been finished with work at 8pm with only a lunch break in between. Now this may sound trivial to the average American schedule but in PCV and Moroccan terms this is intense.


(Here we are working on the set up of the Lab)


Meet Randy Tate

We’re in Morocco! Check out our progress on day 1 and day 2.

In addition to the details of the trip, we’re exited to share our volunteers’s stories. Randy Tate is a long time volunteer, member of the board (stay tuned for an upcoming series that introduces each of our board members), and our current Vice President. We’ve asked him about his favorite trips and why he’s motivated to volunteer with this organization.


Morocco Day 2 – Dar Chabab

Monday morning we started out with Sasa taking us to Mubrak’s (one of the community leaders) house for breakfast at 8am. He and his wife brought out regular bread, cheese, and another bread which reminded me of a bigger version of the Indian paratha. We also had almonds and milk-coffee. Incredibly delicious.

We then when to a stall looking for a 3G USB sticks to connect to the internet. The first stall didn’t have any but had wifi that we could use so of course we stood around the street for 30 minutes checking email on our phones and trying to figure out why Randy’s unlocked phone was not accepting the SIM card he bought yesterday. The second stall had a 3G USB stick for 200 DH (~$25USD) which included a SIM card with unlimited data good for 30 days. We opted to get one and share for use in the hotel at night. Tears of joy. 

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Dispatches From Morocco: Avni Khatri

During the Mexico trip, Corey, (volunteer and VP of Operations) shared her experiences and photos from her experience on the ground.

We want to continue that new tradition and share live-as-possible volunteer stories during our Morocco trip! For the first installment, let’s join Avni, the President of Kids on Computers!


Our 2014 Mexico Trip

This is a recap of our June 2014 Kids on Computers Mexico Trip, how awesome it was, what we did, and how it all came together.



Applications now being accepted for the Kids on Computers Travel Program: Mexico

Kid’s on Computers is looking for volunteers to donate their time and skills at one of our labs in Mexico.

This unique opportunity is open to individuals with technical skills who are interested in helping disadvantaged children while gaining valuable work and life experience. Each participant will be paired with a KOC leadership mentor. During their stay in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, participants will work with other KOC travel program participants at the KOC computer lab teaching children and teachers computer skills and assisting with computer troubleshooting and repair. Participants will work at the lab for the month of June, 2014. We are encouraging participation of individuals living in the U.S., in Mexico and any other locations so that we can bring together a group with complimentary technical, language and teaching skills.