Escuela Emiliano Zapata – Xoxocotlán


Kids on Computers lab Emiliano Zapata school, Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca

Hello, I am a 6th grade student in group B. My name is Florencia Soledad Santiago Flores. My experience in the computer lab was to learn the parts of a computer as well as the basic functions. I like games because they are easy and fun.  They teach me to practice multiplication and division.  I also research topics from other subjects. Thanks to Kids on Computers.

Kids on Computers

Good Morning.
My name is América Daniela Cortes Esteva, of 5th. Grade group "A". Thanks to the teacher and these materials I have learned to draw well with geometric figures, develop mental ability and intelligence.  Thanks to these materials that Kids on Computers has offered us it has made it easy to learn about the computer with its difficulties and uses.  We have learned things easier and faster.  This is helping me in studies and life to be intelligent and skilled in my jobs.