Kids On Computers

Our Volunteers

Kids on Computers® is an all-volunteer organization. Many people have contributed freely to our successes. In addition to the Board of Directors, the following people have graciously donated time, resources and expertise to Kids on Computers:

  • Dan Anderson, Co-Founder
  • Vedanta Barooah
  • Jacquie Bleth
  • César Capoeira
  • Kees den Hartigh
  • Charles Garrett
  • Sharon Lake
  • Corey Latislaw
  • Norberto Lopes
  • Belinda Lopez
  • Carlos Alberto Martínez Sandoval
  • Gabriela Matias
  • Alex Mayorga Adame
  • Sidney McCoy
  • Bill Mullaney
  • Manuel Crisógono Narváez Acevedo
  • Hermes Ojeda Ruiz
  • Fareeda Osman
  • Ilan Rabinovitch
  • Jennifer Redman
  • Gabrielle Roth
  • Ragavan Srinivasan, Co-Founder
  • Jenn Thompson
  • Fernando Villalobos
  • Don Wierbilis

Many other people, unnamed here, have helped our efforts through the years. We are extremely grateful for their contributions.

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