Our Labs

Since inception in 2009, Kids on Computers® has established computer labs in five countries and given computers and tablets to students in two additional countries.


We began in Oaxaca, Mexico where Kids on Computers® founders were familiar with schools in and near Huajuapan de León.   Parents wanted improved education opportunities for their children but their economic resources did not allow funding a suitable computer lab.  The parents at one of the schools united with that school’s administration to build an addition to one of the school buildings, and Kids on Computers® founders promised to fill it with a computer lab.  That computer lab came to fruition in 2009.  Other schools followed.

As of 2017, Kids on Computers® efforts have established twenty computer labs in Mexico and other countries.  More locations are routinely being evaluated.   At some schools the school administrators and parents have been so encouraged by results that they have independently purchased more computers for their children’s school.


In addition, we have provided computers – without establishing a full-fledged computer lab – to benefit students in: