Kids On Computers


Kids on Computers is supported by a variety of partner organizations. With the help of these partners, we are better suited to meet our goals of bringing technology and open source software to disadvantaged kids.

We also coordinate our efforts with other organizations that have compatible goals. We are always open to exploring new partnerships to help move our work forward. If your non-profit, business, church group, software users group, or other organization is interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to get started.


The Linux Foundation

In April 2016, The Linux Foundation and Kids on Computers® issued a press release to announce their partnership “to further our commitment to the future of open source.” The partnership will advance our greater efforts to support access to technology, education and diversity. They are also giving free and discounted passes to Linux Foundation events for Kids on Computers® volunteers, as well as a hands-on workshop for children from the Kids on Computers® program to conduct their first Linux installation.

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. For more information about Linux Foundation events, including codes of conduct and diversity scholarships, please visit:


CHOICE Humanitarian

Since 1999, CHOICE Humanitarian has worked in rural villages in Nepal on water projects, biogas digesters, schools and scholarships, dental clinics, village leadership initiatives, and many other projects. Beginning in 2013, CHOICE is implementing a long term “Self Developing Rural District” (SDRD) program structured eventually to reduce, if not eliminate, extreme poverty in the country of Nepal. Kids on Computers is pleased to help support CHOICE in this program, through technology assets, deploying Free and Open Source Software, and also by setting up computer labs in rural schools.