Kids On Computers

Major Funding

Special opportunities exists for a donor wishing to make an extraordinarily generous gift.

Fund a School’s Computer Lab

A donation on the order of $10,000 USD will fund an entire computer lab. The donor will have the privilege of naming the lab.

In Saucitlán de Morelos, at Escuela Manuel Gonzalez Gatica, the computer lab which was established there in 2011 was renamed to the Gittes Family Lab in honor of Daniel “Nick” Gittes (1902-2000) of Melrose, Massachusetts.

It was made possible by a generous donation from Philip Greenspun.

Fund a volunteer

Although many Kids on Computers® volunteers pay their own expenses, not all our volunteers are able to. Lodging alone in many locations outside the United States can easily exceed $200 USD a week. Transportation cost, particularly airfare, can greatly exceed that amount.

A $750 USD donation will help pay a Kids on Computers® volunteer’s travel expenses for more than a week in some parts of the world.

A $1,500 USD donation will fund a volunteer’s travel expenses to Mexico for at least two weeks. In those two weeks the volunteer may be able to visit as many as eight computer labs to maintain the systems installed there. Part of the trip will be spent visiting with the students and educating the teachers associated with those labs. A donor at this level will receive credit in a blog posting.

Donate via PayPal

Questions about our Major Funding program? Please contact or Contact Us.

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