Kids On Computers

Kids on Computers in Morocco

Ouaouizerth, Azilal

In 2013 a former Peace Corps volunteer contacted a Kids on Computers® volunteer to discuss establishing a computer lab in Morocco.  The school that they intended to serve was a boarding school in Ouaouizerth, Morocco, a community of about 10,000 people in the Atlas Mountains.

The discussion led to a proposal to the Kids on Computers® board of directors.  The proposal recommended a trip to Morocco by Kids on Computers® volunteers, close coordination with other Peace Corps volunteers working in Morocco to identify other deserving schools, and a plan to purchase computers in-country rather than transporting them from the United States. A $2500 USD grant from UnitedHealth Group to purchase computers was influential in the board’s approving the proposal.  The proposal was approved and a trip was scheduled for late 2014.

Volunteers traveled to Morocco in October 2014 to set up the labs.  They took install media prepared with a custom  KoC image based on Ubermix 2.1 including  English, French and Arabic language packs. They also carried a Mac Mini to be used as a media server with offline Wikipedia and the offline version of Khan Academy software in English, French and Arabic.

While in Morocco, the Kids on Computers® volunteers met with other Peace Corps volunteers who recommended a school in Foum Jemaa, a town several hours distant.