Kids On Computers

Kids on Computers in Nepal

Itahari, Sunsari District

In partnership with JavaZone, Kids on Computers will be establishing a new computer lab in Itahari, Nepal sometime in 2020.

Duradanda, Lamjung District

Kids on Computers® volunteers, in a partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian, traveled to Nepal in 2013. There we established two computer labs in Duradanda, a Village Development Community (VDC) in central Nepal’s Lamjung District. A Kids on Computers® volunteer was familiar with Choice Humanitarian and had previously done a humanitarian trip to Nepal as part of Choice Humanitarian.

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Discussion between Kids on Computers® and Choice Humanitarian began early in 2013, planning for a joint venture to a Nepal location where Choice Humanitarian already had a presence. The Kids on Computers® board of directors approved the plan and coordinated with Choice Humanitarian to arrange the September trip.

Each organization had an objective for the trip. Kids on Computers® wanted to establish computer labs in two Duradanda schools which had met our criteria for new computer labs. Choice Humanitarian wanted to apply tablet technology to help surveying rural populations regarding health, education, community and other issues in the Nepalese area where they were active.

At that time Kids on Computers® had tablets as a result of a donation of 100 HP TouchPad tablets the previous year. The board of directors approved of Choice Humanitarian’s planned application and agreed to Choice Humanitarian’s request for 25 tablets configured for their needs. Kids on Computers® agreed to install an Android operating system onto the tablets and otherwise configure it for use in Choice Humanitarian’s program. The Kids on Computers® volunteers carried eight laptops and eight tablets to Nepal. The rest of the tablets were carried by Choice Humanitarian volunteers a few weeks later.