Kids On Computers

Bloom Nepal School Itahari

Coming in 2020.

Kids on Computers has received and accepted a proposal from Bloom Nepal School to create a computer lab at Bloom’s Itahari campus in Sunsari district of
Nepal.  Bloom Nepal School Itahari is located in suburban settings and caters to about 300 students. Majority of these children come from low income backgrounds.

Funding for this lab has been made possible by a generous grant from our partners at JavaZone.

The proposed use of the computers for this lab is described as:

Computers will be used for enhancing teaching learning including facilitation of MOOC classes. Teachers will be encouraged to print out relevant handouts and do prior research before coming to classes. Likewise, children will use computers for learning subject matter, and doing researches and project works related to course.


The computer lab will also be used for teaching programming languages such as Python and Java. This will be done between 4 PM and 5 PM every day, using MOOC platforms such as edX and Coursera. Additionally computer teacher will be covering theory and guiding students in completing software projects. Children will be encouraged to work on mobile applications, software development to solve problems at the school and in the country.

Bloom School Nepal Itahari

As of early 2020, planning is underway for purchasing equipment and preparing operating system images and offline media server content for use in this school.