Kids On Computers

Panini Sanskrit Secondary School

Duradanda VDC, Lamjung District, Nepal

Panini Sanskrit Secondary School is about a 30 minute “walk” to the west from Sarbodaya College. The school in this community has a goal to preserve and teach cultural traditions and values, including classical Sanskrit.

Four laptops were setup in Panini Sanskrit Secondary School, each running Anti-X Linux 13.1. Educational apps like TuxMath, TuxType, and GCompris are installed, along with Libre Office, and several other open source apps. On the laptops with enough disk space, we installed a copy of offline Khan Academy videos and offline Wikipedia as well.














When we first arrived at Panini, there was no power. Availability of power in Nepal is improving, but still has challenges. At some times of the year, power is off up to 18 hours per day. Under normal circumstances, a load shedding schedule is followed, where power will be off at (somewhat) predictable times each day. This is a challenging environment for computers that need power.

While waiting for the power to come on, we decided to take a few pictures in and around the school, including a few spiders hanging around on the trees. After a few minutes, the power was back and we got back to the lab.

Tree spider outside the classroom
Tree spider outside the classroom