Kids On Computers

Guadalupe de Ramírez, Oaxaca

Escuela Antonio de León

In October 2012, a group of Kids on Computers® volunteers traveled from the United States to Huajuapan de León. Our goal was to visit established computer labs and to set up two new ones. While there, we made the two hour drive to Guadalupe de Ramírez, also in the state of Oaxaca. Escuela Antonio de León, the primary school there, had a few computers already in place from other providers, but the teachers were dissatisfied with reliability and OS security. Our goal was to configure all existing computers with our chosen OS and to add laptops having the same OS image to the computer lab.

Establishing a Kids on Computers® computer lab at Escuela Antonio de León had been proposed, deliberated and approved by the Board of Directors. Kids on Computers® volunteers in the United States had prepared laptops for the school prior to the trip. We had also prepared installation media for the computers that were already in place. Using that media we upgraded the existing computers to our standard configuration, leaving a total of seventeen working computers for the school’s children.

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Ten of the computers at this school are shared with Conalep High School in Huajuapan de León.