Kids On Computers

San Marcos Arteaga

Escuela Ricardo Flores Magón

San Marcos Arteaga is a community of about 1000 people located about 16km southwest of the city of Huajuapan de León in Oaxaca, Mexico. The primary school, Escuela Ricardo Flores Magón, is located across a street from the central plaza

Five volunteers from Kids on Computers traveled to Huajuapan de León in May of 2011. While in the Huajuapan area, they and some local volunteers traveled to San Marcos Arteaga to establish a computer lab in the primary school. Six laptops had been hand carried from the U.S.A. and designated for this school.

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The room that had been designated for the computer lab had electrical power, but had no way to connect to the internet. The nearest telephone and modem was in the San Marcos Arteaga Municipal Building, inside the Mayor’s office – across the street and two buildings away. With the help of local volunteers we strung cable from the Municipal Building, up through the ceiling and roof, across two adjacent roofs, across a street and into the school building.

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The children pay attention to the teachers, then pair up play the Tux Suite games and enjoy access to the laptops!