Kids On Computers

Muwanguzi High School

Coming in 2020.

Muwanguzi High School is a secondary school that provides a broad spectrum of education based on the national curriculum of Uganda. It provides low cost but high quality education with the interest of uplifting the living standards of children from low income families.

This school has approximately 420 students. Prior to requesting a lab from Kids on Computers, Muwanguzi High School had only 4 old desktop computers for use by all students. KoC plans to establish a lab with 15 Raspberry Pis and 1 Internet in a Box media server in Spring 2020.


Muwanguzi’s current computer lab


Update – June 20, 2020

Kids on Computers planned for this lab in early 2020, prior to the global pandemic of COVID-19.  Our plan was to work with a partner organization, Mwebaza Foundation, to transport the Raspberry Pis from Colorado to Uganda. Mwebaza volunteers planned to travel to Uganda in mid-March 2020, but canceled their travel due to the pandemic.

Although we expected delays, Kids on Computers decided to try to ship the Pis to Uganda via USPS International Express. They left Colorado in late March, with expected delivery (under normal conditions) in 10 business days.  About 2 months later, the box came back to Colorado with a notice indicating the service had been suspended. Not a surprise, given the global lock-downs and slow-downs in economic activity, but still disappointing.

We are currently working with a different freight carrier to retry this shipment to Muwanguzi High School.  If all goes well, we hope activity for this lab set-up will resume sometime in July.