Kids On Computers

Mwebaza Annex

The school building for Mwebaza Annex was constructed by Mwebaza Foundation, and is powered by solar panels installed on the roof. approximately 5 miles from Mwebaza Infant School. Mwebaza Annex is powered by solar panels, and has two rainwater collection tanks. Learn more about the history of Mwebaza Annex from Mwebaza Foundation.

Mwebaza Annex, July 2019

In July 2019, volunteers from Mwebaza Foundation and Kids on Computers traveled to Mwebaza Annex to set up a 15 workstation computer lab. Each workstation is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Raspbian and includes applications like GCompris, Tux Math, Tux Typing, Libre Office, and other educational software. The lab also has a 256GB Internet in a Box media server, with Khan Academy videos, Wikipedia, educational books and PDFs, and other free content.

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January 2020 Update:

The school is located in Nkungulutale and it runs from nursery section to primary two.

Kids in the nursery section at this school are not all that good in as far as computing is concerned however some kids in this section can identify some of the hardware components  like a monitor, mouse and a keyboard, they can even power on and off the computers by themselves  and they can operate some games in the child play program.

The kids in   the section of P.1 and P.2 at MWAN

Under this section we are moving at a abit slow pase because the kids here are abit slow learners and this makes me to stick on some points for some time but by the end of last term they were able to identify all the hardware components, tux paint, educational suite g comprises on some games among others.

  • Mbogo Umar

Location: Nkugulutale, Wakiso District, Central Region