Kids On Computers

New School Criteria

Checklist to make sure a school is ready for computers.

  1. The lab is ready with power and security.
  2. There are tables to put the computers on.
  3. There are enough chairs for all the students.
  4. We know how many computers they need.
  5. Someone involved with the school project is on our mailing list and active.
  6. Any existing computers are working. (Or we understand why they are not. Point is to make sure they can take care of what they have.)
  7. There’s a plan for how the computers will be setup and installed. (By local people or volunteers coming down.)
  8. There’s a list of everything we need including power cords, networking cables, networking equipment, etc.
  9. There’s some type of plan for long term support.
  10. There’s a plan for how to train teachers/students/etc on how to use and support Linux.
  11. There’s a plan for how to get the computers to the school from where ever they will be delivered.
  12. There’s a plan for dealing with customs.

We get a lot of requests, so unfortunately we are not able to take all of them. Schools that have good answers to all of these questions, can come up with funding for shipping and have a strong local supporter get highest priority.

We are committed to helping as many kids as we can!