Kids On Computers

Travel Sponsorship

From time to time, Kids on Computers receives grants from partner organizations that are intended to help encourage new volunteers to participate in our efforts to bring technology to kids in need. One of the ways that Kids on Computers uses these funds is by sponsoring contributors to travel to areas where labs are being set up, or to attend other events such as hack-a-thons or meet-ups designed to organize our work. Sponsorship requests are processed by the Kids on Computers Travel Committee. All volunteers are encouraged to apply, but particular attention is given to applicants who have a specific financial need. The sponsored travel is meant to help those that would like to attend events but are unable to do so for financial reasons.

Travel policy

Both new and existing Kids on Computers volunteers can apply for sponsorship through this program.

Applicants must submit their request in writing, to the Travel Committee via email at the following address:  travel AT kidsoncomputers DOT org. Applications are typically reviewed within 2-4 weeks, and applicants will be notified via email of the committee’s decision.

Applicants who are approved for a sponsorship submit receipts for their expenses, and will be reimbursed by Kids on Computers. Reimbursement is typically via check or money order, although other arrangements can be made in specific circumstances.

It is your responsibility to always choose the most economical option whenever possible. In most cases, a receipt showing your expense will be required to receive reimbursement.

Sponsorship funds are intended to defray the cost of travel, not to cover all expenses. In other words, applicants must be willing to pay for at least part of their travel from their own funds.

Remember: the money you save is the money that can help someone else travel and participate. It also means we might be able to help you again in the future.


Your duties

  • Write a report or a blog post during or after your travel that could be posted to this site
  • Blog on your own site
  • Facebook, Tweet, Instragram, etc. your experience
  • Work directly with other Kids on Computers volunteers to accomplish the goals of the event

  • Inform the Travel Committee if you cannot attend the event.
  • Provide receipts (not bank or credit card statements) for all relevant costs
  • While participating in the event, follow all organization rules and policies, including non-discrimination
  • Learn more about open source, and have fun

If you cannot write a public report, you must email it to the Travel Committee. You must write about the event and your attendance because your report will help us:

  • …justify our investment in you
  • …show potential sponsors the impact of sponsoring travel which helps us raise money for future travel
  • …spread the word about Kids on Computers and work towards our goals of bringing free and open source technology to kids in need.

What is eligible for sponsorship?

  • Travel costs: flight tickets, train tickets, etc.
  • Accommodation: hostel, hotel, etc.
  • Other transportation (bus, car)

What is NOT eligible for sponsorship?

  • Travel and accommodation if you do not attend the event, for example due to a rejected visa application
  • Food
  • Taxes
  • Excursions
  • Souvenirs
  • Extra charges for bank cards
  • Visas, etc.

When to apply?

  • There is no pre-defined application period. Apply at any time for an upcoming Kids on Computers event
  • Availability of funding varies. In other words, there may be times when an application would be accepted, but funds are not available

What to include in the application?

  • Full name and email address
  • Travel origin
  • Kids on Computers event location and dates
  • Your anticipated travel dates and how long you will stay
  • Brief description of your interest, experience, knowledge of and about Kids on Computers, open source, and technology in general.
  • Why you would be a good candidate for the program. Please provide a link or attach your resume if appropriate
  • What you hope to contribute during the event
  • What you hope to gain during the event
  • Specific amount of funding requested. Remember, a sponsorship is not intended to cover all of your costs, only to help. (For example: “A $300 sponsorship will help me pay for part of my $400 plane ticket, $50 bus ticket, and $200 in anticipated hotel costs”)