End of Year Fundraising Campaign

End of Year Fundraising Campaign

18 labs, 5 countries, 5400+ lives impacted. Help us do more.

Kids on Computers, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is running an end of year 2015 fundraising campaign to raise money for our existing and potential labs. We are a small group of volunteers who donate their time and funds to set up computer labs for underprivileged kids in rural areas.

We started the organization in 2009 with the hopes of setting up 1 lab per year. We have far surpassed this goal and currently have 18 labs across 5 countries (Mexico, Argentina, Nepal, India, and Morocco). Please consider donating, as we continue to improve education in rural areas by providing access to technology!


  • $35 provides one child access to a computer, educational software, and internet (where accessible).
  • $120 will buy shipping for four laptops to an international location. Laptops are shipped in USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes, each of which holds two laptops.
  • $250 will buy one computer (You receive a photo emailed to you of a student using your computer; a label attached to computer reads “Donated by YOUR NAME” or “Donated in honor of YOUR CHOICE”)
  • $1,500 will fund a volunteer’s travel expenses to go to Mexico for two weeks to maintain the computers in up to ten labs and provide continuing education for the teachers and the students associated with those labs. You’ll get credit with a blog posting.
  • $5,000 will fund a new responsive Web site for KOC with a new design and theme. You’ll get permanent credit on https://www.kidsoncomputers.org.
  • $10,000 will fund a new computer lab, to be named after the person of your choice. You’ll get credit with a blog posting, a plaque in the school, and permanent credit on https://www.kidsoncomputers.org/labs. The Gittes Family Lab at Escuela Manuel Gonzalez Gatica was built with such a donation.
  • $25,000 will fund a local employee to work for three years on a part-time basis, visiting and maintaining labs in your choice of one of the countries served (Mexico, Nepal, Argentina, India, Morocco). You’ll get credit with a blog posting and get to join us on a KOC trip of your choice.

You can donate via PayPal:

If you would like to send us a check, please email us at donations@kidsoncomputers.org and we will send you an address to which you can mail it.

Please note we are a 501(c)(3) organization and will provide you a receipt for your donation.


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