Kids on Computers is looking for an intern!

Kids on Computers is looking for an intern!

Kids on Computers is a volunteer run organization but we are going to try something a little different this year. We would like to hire a summer intern to join us this spring/summer. We believe this will help Kids on Computers become more organized and efficient as well as move one of our schools along. We are looking for someone to help run meetings, respond to emails (things like schools applying for labs) and keep us on track. We are also looking for someone to create the plan for a new lab from recommended hardware to which educational software should be installed to how the lab should be installed and teachers taught. Depending on world health conditions, there might be an opportunity to travel to set up the school. Otherwise, the job might include directing the install remotely.

Would you like to help kids with no access to technology learn about technology and help them continue their education through online learning? Then please consider applying for an internship with Kids on Computers.

Kids on Computers Administrative / Technology Internship 2021

Term & Timeline

1 semester (approximately 16 weeks @ 10/hrs per week)

  • Feb 10 – Mar 12: Accepting Applications
  • Mar 22 – Mar 26: Interviews
  • Apr 5: (flexible) Start of KoC Spring 2021 Internship
  • Jul 23: End of KoC Spring 2021 Internship
Job Description

Do you want to help kids in disadvantaged schools learn about technology? If so, come join us! Kids on Computers is a 501(c)(3) non profit focused on bringing computers to kids who have no other access to technology. We have set up 25 labs in schools in countries like Mexico, Uganda and Morocco. We are primarily a volunteer driven organization but we are looking for an intern to help us with some technical and organizational tasks. We are looking for someone self-driven, motivated to help kids, interested in free and open source software and technically savvy to work 10 hours/week. The work will be a mixture of administrative tasks, communication and outreach work, and software research and installation.

  • Self driven and self managed. The job will be remote, with largely solo tasks and weekly check-ins with other KoC volunteers
  • Administrative
    • Fluency in G-Suite apps (Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets)
    • Wiki technologies and WordPress
    • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Technical
    • Proficient in using Free/Open Source software, such as Linux, Libre Office, etc.
    • Able to install software distributions on a laptop or Raspberry Pi. Examples: Ubuntu, Fedora, Raspian, etc.
    • Interest in setting up a “local learning hotspot”, such as Internet in a Box
  • Required
    • Age 18 or older
    • Fluency in English. Fluency in Spanish, French or Arabic is a plus.
  • Preferred
    • Student enrolled in a university or college program in Computer Science or other technology related degree program OR recent grad OR significant interest in open source technologies
    • Interest in non-profits, humanitarian projects, and helping kids learn about technology
  • Administrative
    • Meeting Notes
    • Coordination with volunteers and board members
    • Communications
      • Answering questions from potential donors, new school requests and helping trouble shoot existing school problems
      • Reaching out to existing schools to check on progress
    • Follow-up on tasks/assignments given during meetings
    • Website updates
    • Blog content and editing
  • Technical
    • Lab Project – A project is setting up a new computer lab with 15 computers and a server in a school in Nepal, Uganda, Mexico or Kenya.
      • Create execution plan for a new lab (or labs) approved by the board
      • Budget
      • Logistics
      • Communicating with lab teachers, administrators
    • Technical
      • Hardware selection
      • OS / Content selection and prep
      • Install software
      • Setup the main server: Internet on a Box
      • Explore how to connect an internet hot spot to the entire lab
      • Documenting process
    • Set up school
      • Possibly travel to new school and install computers*

(*) Depending on global travel conditions, travel to a new school may not be possible until after the internship ends; but you would be welcomed to continue your involvement with KoC as a volunteer if desired


Compensation will be based on an hourly rate of $15/hour for approximately 10 hours/week.

To Apply

Email your resume and a cover letter that describes why you are interested in the position to Please use the subject line: Intern Application: <Your Name>

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