Side Walk Grills in Marrakech – Djemaa el FNA

Side Walk Grills in Marrakech – Djemaa el FNA

Side Walk Grills in Marrakech – Djemaa el FNA

The carnevalesque market right at the center of the medina is Marrakech’s heartbeat. This used to be once a meeting place for regional farmers and tradesmen; today it is surrounded by bazaars, mosques, and terraced cafes.

Marrakech has mastered the art of cooked street food. From midday thru midnight numerous sidewalk grills setup up with tasty satisfying meal. It’s a priceless experience that costs next to nothing, Choose from grilled chicken, beef lamb skewers, lamb chops (my favorite), Moroccan salads, french fries, bread olives, and hot sauce called harrira.

The famous local dish is Tagine, made by slow cooking lamb, chicken or beef in an earthenware pot left on charcoal stands for hours.

All day long you can get a fresh orange or grapefruit juice from the one of the many Orange juice stalls for 4 DH a glass, squeezed while you wait.
Vendors will do anything to attract your attention, from dragging you to a seat, chasing you down thru lanes, and best of all, performing an occasional comic. The meals start with free bread (to weigh down your paper place settings. No plates or utensils required.
I was adventurous enough to even try one of the outer stalls selling local steamed snails served in a porcelain bowl.

Everything is fresh, as vendors give the leftovers to the poor every night.

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