Welcome Smoky Hill High School students!

Welcome Smoky Hill High School students!

Welcome to the Smoky Hill High School students working on their CAS projects!

We need you! We are working to set up computer labs for kids that have no other access to computers.

Our projects are creative, active and service projects.

We can use your help in everything from:

  • creating posters
  • designing tshirts
  • fundraising
  • collecting computers
  • installing the computers with Linux (no experience necessary)
  • packing up the computers for labs.

We will have our first kickoff meeting in June. If you would like to join us, please email Stormy Peters at stormy -at – kidsoncomputers -dot- org.

No experience necessary. There will be lots of fun things for everyone to do. If we get enough computers, we’ll dedicate a lab to Smoky Hill High School!

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