This week in KOC – Happy Pi Day and Thank you – 3/14/16

This week in KOC – Happy Pi Day and Thank you – 3/14/16

Happy Pi Day everyone!

In honor of Pi Day, we are happy to announce that we had 21 volunteers purchase or donate a Raspberry Pi 3 Kit for our new lab at José Vasconcelos in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México!! A big thank you to everyone who purchased a kit. This fundraiser goes a long way towards us having the necessary equipment for the lab.

A big thank you also goes to to Philip Greenspun for posting about the fundraiser on his blog – 6 kits were donated as a result of his blog post along with 2 pledged cash donations.

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase a kit yet, but would like to do so, please go ahead. We are setting up a second lab at the Benito Juárez Elementary School also in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán on our next Mexico trip, and can always use more.

Don’t forget to eat pie to celebrate today!

Thank you for supporting Kids on Computers!


kids_logoHappy Pi Day

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