This Week in KoC – SCALE Prep and Consolidating Organizational Knowledge

This Week in KoC – SCALE Prep and Consolidating Organizational Knowledge

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With volunteers all around the world it is really important that everyone has a place to consolidate their notes and knowledge. Over the course of time, we’ve used several tools to do this. Unfortunately that has resulted in the information being scattered around in more than one place. The simplicity of using a wiki is also hampered by very aggressive bots that have forced us to manually add new contributors. With the new year, we are going to try to consolidate this information into just one place. So to do that information is being migrated to the new ‘Knowledge Base‘ page.

We could use some help reviewing this information and making sure it is still relevant and up to date. Or if you have notes and information that isn’t already there, please help by adding it. If you don’t have access to do so, make sure you email the mailing list to request an account.

SCALE is fast approaching, and KoC is getting ready to attend. We’ve booked a fantastic house near convention where we can have our yearly Summit. We’re still working on putting together a booth box that we can use for all the conventions like this. We’re looking to have another meeting this Thursday to discuss the last things we need for the box to be ready. Everyone is welcome to join.

We’ve wrapped up our end of year fundraising campaign… but just in case you missed it you can still donate at

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