Girls’ school gets computers

Girls’ school gets computers

Hermes and Thomas have been working on the lab in the girls’ boarding school in Santo Domingo, Oaxaca. (Thomas went down a few weeks ago to work on this school in particular.) This is a school for girls that come from difficult homes, all teenagers. They have about 50 students and they sleep 25 to a room. The school exists entirely on donations, including donated food from the market. In addition to a place to live, and a school, they teach them skills like sewing to help them find jobs.

These are the computers that Partimus sent down.

The lab now has a floor, bars on the window, electricity and internet. They have 14 computers set up. (Partimus sent the computers. I don’t know if they found monitors locally or if Thomas bought them. I know he took one that was sent to us through System76.) There are 16 more computers in customs that are being slowly released. According to Hermes, 8 of those will fit well in the existing infrastructure. The others will go to other local schools.

The lab’s inauguration is on Thursday.

Awesome work, Kory, Cathy, Hermes and Thomas! We hope to meet all the girls on the web soon!

All photos by Thomas Peters.


  1. Hna. Teresa Ann Wolf, OSB

    ¡Les felicito en la escuela y en los computadores! Que Dios siga bendiciendolas en su trabajo y en la escuela y en el ministerio del entrenamiento para las señoritas.
    Que nuestra Señora de Gaudalupe les cuiden.
    Mis oraciones les acompañan. La Hna. Teresa

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