Kids on Computers goes to Huajuapan

Kids on Computers goes to Huajuapan

At the end of May, five members of the KOC team are heading down to the Huajuapan de Leon area in Oaxaca, Mexico for a KOC Summit. We will be building two new labs at schools in Savcitlan and St. Marco’s.

We will meet up with fellow KOC members in the area, Hermes Ojeda Ruiz and Alex Mayorga Adame to work on building these labs and also doing maintenance on three other labs we have built at schools in the area – a school for kids with disabilities, a boarding school for girls from difficult situations, and 18 de Marzo.

The team will also be providing computer training to teachers and students at the schools with the hopes they will be able to
use the computers to help in their current studies and further their education.

In preparation for our trip, we hosted an install fest this past weekend at the System76 offices in Denver, Colorado. We installed edubuntu along with a local Wikipedia instance and math and biology videos made by the Khan Academy on computers donated by individuals and corporations. We will take the computers down to Mexico with us for installment in the labs.

To recap, we are going down to:

  • Take down some new equipment.
  • Set up computers in new labs.
  • Replace broken equipment in existing labs.
  • Teach kids and teachers.
  • Add and update software (things like Wikipedia in Spanish to the computers).
  • Show excitement, drum up support.
  • Thank all the local people and organizations that have helped.

This is my first KOC trip and I am extremely excited about our two weeks in the area. I hope we make a difference in the lives of the students we meet.

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  1. I think what you are doing is an excellent idea and supports a view I hold that children should be exposed in a educational environment to computers. My kids are exposed and I exposed them as a means of helping their educational development, such as with phonics, number and alphabet identification and my older child with her reading and increasing her vocabulary.Keep up the good work and God bless. Feel free to visit my website and offer any of your experiences in this area.

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