Preparing for Mexico – Hardware and OS

Preparing for Mexico – Hardware and OS

As we explore using the Raspberry Pi 3 in some of our future labs (including the upcoming lab at José Vasconcelos!), we have been testing multiple client OSes on the RPi 3, including Fedora 22, XCSE, and and Raspbian. We will be going with Raspbian for the upcoming trip as it seems to be the most lightweight and functional on the RPi 3. César Octavio López Natarén is working actively on preparing a distribution with KOC selected educational applications for us to use.

We also received a donation of 5minnow_01 MinnowBoard Turbots from Intel and beautiful custom fabricated cases for them by Intel employee John Hawley. Thank you Intel and John Hawley! Javier Henderson is currently working on setting up two Turbots as XSCE servers with Internet in a Box content for the two new labs we are working on this year.

 minnow_02 minnow_03

We are very grateful for our volunteers, donors, and partners and their continued support to make KOC efforts a success!

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