School Visits

School Visits

One of the challenges Kids on Computers faces is having regular contact with our schools. As our KOC trip to Mexico approaches, we wanted to have a phone call with all of the teachers at our Huajuapan and Oaxaca City schools.

Towards that goal, two members of our team, Hermes Ojeda Ruiz  and Laura Judith Bravo Sumano, volunteered to travel from Oaxaca City to Huajuapan, Mexico and visit three of the schools where KOC computer labs are set up and get principal and teacher contact info! It was great to get updates on the schools and how the labs have been working out for them. Hermes and Laura visited Gittes Family Lab at Escuela Manuel Gonzalez Gatica in Saucitlán de Morelos, Escuela Ricardo Flores Magon in San Marcos Arteaga, and 18 de Marzo in Huajuapan de León. Thank you to Hermes and Laura for taking the trip, getting contact info, and reporting on updates!

At Escuela Manuel Gonzalez Gatica, they were able to get in contact with the school principal and the computer teacher. The principal was very happy with the visit from KOC members. They reported having issues with the older computers related to elements of the computer’s UI. Currently, they also have a projector and a MacMini server.

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At Escuela Ricardo Flores Magon, they learned that the lab was undergoing repairs completed but was functional before the construction. They planned to have a student from UTM come to reconnect the computers once the repairs were complete. This should happen before our June trip.

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At 18 de Marzo, Hermes and Laura got contact info for the school to get updates and plan future visits.

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